Hussein Bazaza

the designer

Born in 1990 in Beirut, Lebanon. Having developed an appreciation of all artistic fields from an early age, including illustration and photography, Hussein Bazaza enrolled at ESMOD Beirut to study for a BA in Fashion Design and Pattern Making.

Graduating from his BA in 2011, Bazaza continued with an internship at Maison Rabih Kayrouz in Paris, and later worked for Elie Saab as a junior designer in Beirut, Lebanon.

Be humble, for you are made of earth.
Be noble, for you are made of stars.


Our production process is a global experience. We select high-quality raw materials, from all over the world.

We at Hussein Bazaza, pay a high attention to embroidery, on various laces and premium quality fabrics.
The material we use are selected from all over the world.

Bazaza’s first collection in 2012 mapped out his signature style, he was selected by the Starch Foundation to launch his eponymous line of ready-to-wear. Hussein is known for drawing inspirations, where every cut reflects a different story, a personal emotion that creates a one-of-a-kind experience, fashion with a soul.

Our fashion


The brand is based on a merge of classic and modern fashion. It’s a contrast of feminine and edgy at the same time.

Hussein Bazaza Ready-to-wear line is mix of wearable pieces with couture details. Lace collage, geometric cuts and shapes, story telling prints , highly Intricate details and well fitted garments that flatters the woman bodyare the signature styles.

It is a mix of different styles, European and Eastern merged in a one of a kind nouvelle couture outfit.


Driven by our vision and values, we support local craftsmanship

We carefully select our handicraftsmen from Lebanon. They are chosen based solely on experience, expertise and passion for their work. They must be able to deliver the brand’s vision, focusing on quality and not on quantity. We are lucky to benefit from our local craftsmen , who have perfected their skills after dedicating their entire lives to creating one of a kind masterpieces.


Hussein Bazaza

The complex independent woman, the one that clearly represents the “ombre et lumiere” aspect.
She is attracted to beauty offered by Mother Nature but not to its simplicity rather to the deep hidden secrets it offers.
She is a hopeless romantic but only behind closed doors with herself; to others she is dramatic, edgy and realistic.
She chooses to reveal only what she wants you to see, her femininity is her own treasure she allows the world to see it on her own terms.
This woman and her particular perception of life is unique and sets her own rules, she doesn’t abide by society’s customs.

She represents Hussein Bazaza.

We connect as a team to deliver fashion for all occasions and strive to give each customer an outstanding luxury experience.


Blank Boutique, Riyadh KSA
Dress Me Fashion Store, The Pearl Qatar
Glamour Boutique, Doha Qatar
Per Lei Couture, The Pearl Qatar
Designers Empire, Gate Mall Kuwait
Fashion Lounge Tehran, Tehran Iran
iziQ, Moda Mall, Bahrain